This is NOT my first radio.  But it sure is close to what I  did build from a I-can’t-remember magazine article.

 Q: Does anyone remember a similar looking rig that had a selenium rectifier as a direct power supply and a flashlight bulb in the cathode circuit which one would tune the tank for minimum brightness? If so I sure would like to hear from you !!



It was 1952 and at 16 I was lucky enough to be among the newly available Novice licensees. I had an S-38B receiver and built a 6L6 CW transmitter. I almost fainted the first time I heard my call sign coming through the earphones. Then I worked the state of Kentucky from Nashville and almost had a nervous breakdown.  (I bet you know what I mean!)       

My folks - God Bless Them -encouraged my hobby and had Santa bring a Harvey Wells transmitter complete with an AM modulator. WOW! I became a General in 1953. “Hello World!”

This picture is of the attic phone shack  but still had the proud Novice sign on the wall...

After a tour in the Navy I moved to Texas and became K5YEF. The old call went up for grabs in the Vanity market and is presently in use.

Welcome all...